Teeth Whitening Kit

With this Teeth Whitening Kit you'll get whiter and brighter teeth, fast! You can stop spending time and money on tricks and products that don't work because the future of teeth whitening is here. Use the same new technology that dentists, orthodontists, and celebrities all over the world have been using to whiten their teeth fast.

As the blue LED light warms up it rapidly removes surface stains and also penetrates deep to lift out embedded stains. The LED light that helps you achieve faster, longer lasting results from the comfort of your home.  And the best part is you can use it as often as needed to get the results you want!

4 pcs set includes:
4 X Whitening Gel(3ml per) - 44% Peroxide
1 X Latest design thermoform single arch trays
1 X Mini cold light whitening lamp
1 X Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide